Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Hot-girl-Hush

This is a phenomenon that occurs every day across high school and college campuses. Actually it occurs all across America. Well all of that to say it just occurs anytime there is a beautiful girl and a guy in the same location.

I became aware of the hot-girl-hush one calm day in Hawaii. I was working at the library of the university there, and I had 3 friends chatting with me at my desk which was located in the middle of the library. All of the sudden, mid-conversation I see one of my buddy's eyes start to drift to the left, then 2, then all 3. Not only did the eyes drift but they went quiet. A beautiful brunette was walking up to my desk to staple some of her papers. The hush remained until about 5 seconds after she left. We then proceeded to all stare at each other with blank looks across our faces for another few seconds until one of us says, “So..umm..what were we talking about?” We’d completely forgotten. How do you spot a hot-girl-hush. Oh it’s pretty easy..just look for a few guys standing by each other that look like they just got dropped off in China, and have no idea where they are or even who they are.

The worst is when girls try to talk to guys when they are experiencing the hot girl hush. The episode with my 3 friends at the library for example went a little something like this: “Hey can I use the stapler?” “Uhhh….umm…what did you say?” “The stapler” me, “yeah..” “Can I borrow it.” (I snap out of the hot-girl-hush) “Oh yeah..for sure! Sorry, I didn’t know what you were saying.” And the fact is I honestly didn’t.

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