Sunday, October 17, 2010

320 What?

I went to Smith’s intending to buy granola bars. I walked out with 320 pop-tarts.

“Snacks. I need snacks.” I was starving. It’d been about 3 hours since my last meal. Wanting something to feel satisfied but not stuffed; I headed to the campus convenience store. It’s named the Twilight, but it closes at seven. “Hmm……Candy bars are just way to pricey these days. There is no way I’m paying $1 for a candy bar. Gosh, you gotta buy in bulk to get anything reasonably priced. A pound of Reese’s Pieces for $4.20?”

After five pounds of Reese’s pieces and weighing six pounds heavier in three weeks, I decided it was time for a new snack. Fruit is too healthy. Vegetables need to be carried in little bags. I needed something sweet but already in a bag. I needed granola bars. Ever since their creation, granola bars have been the camper’s best friend, the runner’s staple, and the dieter’s desert. Walking down the granola bar isle I passed the pop-tart. “Woh…$2 for a box of 8….or $1.50 for 10 boxes….plus a $.75-off coupon for every 2 boxes you buy….hmmm.”

I was going to stop at 10 boxes but I wanted more flavors. 20 boxes. “They don’t expire till August next year?!!” 30 boxes. “Cookie-dough pop-tarts” 40 boxes. 320 pop-tarts.

Pop-tarts can’t be much healthier than Reese’s, but at least now I have a year’s supply.


  1. I think it is great that a lot of your blog entries are about food. Reading your blog makes me hungry. You write really well though - very intriguing.

  2. Once you start finding the good deals there's no going back. Before you know it, checking the expiration date won't even cross your mind. Have I told you that at Manny's they have $1 boxes all the time. Or if the boxes have been ripped open and the pop tarts are loose, it's $1 for a whole gallon Ziploc full. That's a great deal. And then, if granola bars is really what you wanted after all, they let you fill your own brown paper lunch sacks yourself with granola bars for $1. We've found that with practice we can fit as many as 32 in one bag. Awesome.

  3. haha! yes! i knew you truly were the snack king! That is awesome!