Thursday, November 4, 2010

symptoms of one-upper + stuff

The tag-along- girls really don’t have the equivalent of a wingman, but they do have something..the tag-along. One girl initiates what's going to happen, the other tags-along. While the wingman is a system of support the tag-along is one of… one knows. The tag-along occurs when girls go to parties, do their nails, talk to guys, and other assorted events. Don’t believe it do you…Have you ever seen a girl go to the bathroom by herself?

The tickler- tries to tickle to break the awkward physical barrier. Also may be used in the scarier movie scenario. Tries to tickle his way out of awkward moments. The tickler still thinks that poking on facebook is normal.

Symptoms of a one-upper: Every time you tell a story he tells a more outrageous one. Every thing you’ve done he’s done it better. Always has to get the last word. Always tells his stories a little louder than the last person. Always over the top. But honestly, how do you diagnose the famed one-upper syndrome? Make up a story about something that doesn’t exist..then watch them try to top it…...

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